About Us

The YGC Vision

We are a customer-focused group of companies.

We provide integrated, world-class products and services, delivering superior value throughout the lives of our customers.

We are a dynamic and professional organization, continuously improving our competitive capabilities and fully responsive to the national interest and the needs of our stakeholders.

We work as a synergistic team and build express mutually rewarding partnerships to sustain our growth.

We stand behind our commitment: Integrity and Service Excellence, aimed at enhancing the quality of life of our people.

The Blue Hexagon Service Quality Code

We believe that customers are our reason for being. We listen to them and understand them. We offer them the best products and services.

We believe that to achieve this, we need to continuously improve ourselves. We have to be more sensitive to their needs and wants.

We believe that teamwork will deliver this commitment. We value and help each other and the communities we serve.

We are YGC. This is our future. This is our battlecry: YGC=Excellence.

The Yuchengco Group of Companies adheres to a set of values which inspire all the member companies in their aim to be leaders in their respective fields.


Service Excellence

Everyone in the YGC companies knows that their business is all about service excellence. Service excellence translates into acting with client’s needs in mind. Through the different service provided by the various companies of YGC, the high standard performance is demonstrated and maintained for the past 100 years.


Discipline coupled with dedication to one’s work result in the highest levels of professionalism which puts a premium on a job well done. YGC makes no compromises in its quest to discover new innovations to improve the lives of their clients. They are models of professional commitment, transparency, and openness to improvement demanded by the values of YGC.


It is important to look ahead into the future, preparing for whatever lies ahead. YGC believes that businesses must be forward-thinking, decisive, creating strategies to meet tomorrow’s challenges. For many years now, YGC has pioneered in integral financial services-meeting client’s needs from cradle to tomb. Through the advance thinking of the YGC,  loyal customers enjoy and avail the full range of the Group’s variety of services at their convenience.


YGC believes that people working together instead of against each other makes everyone a winner. Everyone, including large conglomerates, must be accountable for the welfare of their neighbors. YGC recognizes people who made social accountability a way of life, not only among their ranks but also in the general populace.

Sense of Urgency

YGC knows that clients want their needs to be given full attention and top priority. All its companies believe in the timely accomplishment of tasks and treats every customer’s case with a sense of urgency.


It takes teamwork to make things work at YGC. Teambuilding is taken very seriously. Officers and staff are expertly-trained so that all efforts are harmonious and unified. For teamwork is truly the strength of synergy. Synergy is the strength of YGC. All the group’s personnel are dedicated to working for the advancement of YGC, customer welfare and the common good.

The success of YGC is mainly attributed to its leader, Ambassador Alfonso T. Yuchengco. When Don Enrique T. Yuchengco died in 1953, he left his son Alfonso all the businesses and its management. Using what he had learned from his fatherAmbassador Yuchengco was able to make the companies flourish even during difficult times.

One of the keys to Ambassador Yuchengco’s early success in business is his ability to make friends and interact productively with business colleagues. The valuable contacts and opportunities he developed through his social network helped his companies expand rapidly. Associates like to point out that his openness to setting up joint ventures, especially with foreign partners, has been one of his most important assets.

Ambassador Yuchengco’s career has spanned many eras starting from the Philippine Commonwealth, through the Second World War, the years of economic expansion in the 1950s and 1960s as well as the difficult years of martial law in the 1970s and 1980s. Throughout his career as a businessman and a diplomat, he has time and again espoused social discipline and national pride. His belief that both are necessary ingredients for progress and development has served his companies and the nation well.

The energy or force created by various parts or processes working in concert is the essence of synergy. It is the strength of many, fusing into the power of one.

Synergy is a time-honored practice within the Yuchengco Group of Companies. Individually, its companies are leaders in their respective industries, exerting their own authority and influencing the tides of business in their sectors.

Collectively, they draw upon resources infinitely greater than what they could ever hope to do alone, resulting in gains that are just as great for all. Through the YGC synergy, companies unite, industries rub shoulders, and more opportunities for growth arise. The principle of synergy is enshrined in the corporate of the YGC.

When people of different backgrounds and skills work together,

They create a power greater than the sum of their individual abilities.

This is the strength of synergy.

And this is the strength of YGC.

The Blue Hexagon is the corporate logo of the Yuchengco Group of Companies. It was conceived with synergy in mind. Its six interlocking trapezoidal fields represent the conglomerate’s founding businesses: life insurance, non-life insurance, banking and finance, investments, transportation and communication, and manufacturing and construction. The design gives the impression of a dynamo spinning on its hub—dynamic and ever-moving. The hexagon is viewed as a celestial sphere that radiates power, energy, and productivity.

The YGC corporate logo represents integrated financial services—symbolic of how member-companies within the Yuchengco Group complement one another’s efforts to promote economic growth. Notwithstanding its diversity, the YGC has remained a solid-well-directed team, deriving its best strength from its synergy.