Castrillo: The Next Generation?

Eduardo Castrillo’s studio was a beehive of creative activity. Alongside all his commission work, Castrillo mentored his children, nephews, and assistants as they provided the highly skilled workforce behind his prolific output of monuments and other pieces.

Trained in the processes and techniques of the master sculptor, the next generation highlights their individual works and expresses the maestro’s influence. Son Nixxio and daughter Ovvian, alongside nephews Jonnel and Zandro, bring the maestro’s legacy forward in their first group exhibition as the Castrillo Legacy Art Studio.

Castrillo: The Next Generation is presented in celebration of the life of Eduardo Castrillo and in commemoration of his 50th year as a nationalist sculptor and artistic pioneer.

About the artists

NIXXIO L. CASTRILLO, whose background is in architecture and management, was the studio manager of his father, Eduardo. Nixxio’s style leans towards more structured architectural forms with tighter compositions.

OVVIAN CASTRILLO-HILL is a designer, art writer, and art management consultant. Ovvian began sculpting in 2003 under the tutelage of her father, Eduardo. Ovvian repurposes metals and alters finishes, coming up with a distinct expression, while still strongly influenced by her father.

JONNEL P. CASTRILLO is a graduate of Fine Arts at Philippine Women’s University. He worked as an assistant artist for his father, Amado Castrillo, the older brother of Eduardo. His talent in creating life-like images using traditionally hard metals allows him to create figurative, modern, and historical artworks.

ZANDRO P. CASTRILLO worked as an assistant artist for his father, Amado Castrillo, the older brother of Eduardo. Today, he is most especially known for having mastered sabong (cockfighting) as a subject matter for his art. He has created many art trophies for events both local and international.