For almost ten years now, Second Officer Paul William Maniego’s payroll account has been under RCBC.  Aside from the low remittance charges, he never expected to get anything out of it.  It was only this 2017 during one of RCBC’s refresher talks with his shipping company, Sea Team, that he found out about RCBC TeleMoney’s Gabay Bayani insurance program.

Gabay Bayani is a partnership between RCBC TeleMoney and Malayan Insurance.  It caters exclusively to the dependents of seafarers whose companies have enrolled them in RCBC’s payroll system or make use of RCBC’s TeleMoney services.

Second Officer Maniego found himself in a uniquely fortunate position. Two years prior, his family suffered a terrible loss with the accidental death of their only child then, Hailey Maniego. Upon discovering earlier this year that the program’s benefits and coverage pose no expiration so long as his payroll account with RCBC was active, Second Officer Maniego found out that he could still file and receive the insured amount for the death of his first daughter.

Thanks to Gabay Bayani, he was able to claim Php400,000 for the accident that struck his family during the 2015 holiday festivities.  Although nothing could alleviate the grief of losing their first child, it helped that they were able to recover a bit financially.

Through this insurance program, the loved ones of Filipino seafarers who suffer accidental death or dismemberment are covered.  Most hospital expenses, from doctor’s professional fees and even outpatient medical expenses, can be reimbursed as well.

Now, with a new baby in tow, Second Officer Maniego and wife, Elaine, will definitely be able to build a brighter future for their family with the unexpected sum.  They remain thankful and hope other seafarers could only be so fortunate to be covered by a program like Gabay Bayani.

This exclusive program takes care of its seafaring clientele, continuously ensuring that there is a bank that cares for them and their loved ones.



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