Dr. Manuel C. Belino, dean of the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering of Mapúa Institute of Technology, is recently featured in a coffee table book published in tribute to exceptional individuals who excel in the field of education.

Titled “10 Outstanding Filipino Teachers,” the coffee table book presents select past awardees of Metrobank Foundation Inc.’s Outstanding Teachers who continue to excel in their craft and serve as inspiration to others by highlighting their journey and legacy as teachers.

The Foundation honored Dr. Belino, Outstanding Teacher Awardee in 2005, for his exceptional legacy – integrating ethics in engineering education.

Valuing technical competence and professional ethics equally, the conscientious engineer-cum-educator said in the coffee table book that he believes that knowledge without ethics is meaningless. Thus, he strives hard to make his students realize that ethics is an integral part of the engineering education and profession.

“Striking a balance between technology and human values in engineering education through the integration of ethics across the curriculum is my greatest contribution to education. I always make it a point to integrate a case study or a few questions dealing with ethical issues or concerns that are related to the subject matter,” the book quoted him as saying.

The book detailed why Dr. Belino chose the teaching profession.

Before realizing his passion to teach and touch lives, he first started as a junior design engineer in an air-conditioning firm. Two years later, he decided to teach and share his knowledge with aspiring engineers.

“I decided to pursue a career in teaching at the tertiary level where I could have an impact on preparing young men and women not just for a career in engineering but for life,” he said.

For Manny, as his friends and family fondly call him, teaching is a noble profession. “Being able to contribute to my students’ holistic development and having a strong influence on reinforcing positive values in their lives are a source of joy in my life as a teacher.”

Despite his busy schedule, the dedicated educator and ethical engineer still manages to share a part of himself with the community through the projects he leads. Considering community service an important part of a school, some of his projects are for the benefit of the community such as the Adopt an Engineering School, welding training program for out-of-school youth in Manila, and installation of small-scale renewable energy power systems in the countryside.

Wearing many hats, Dr. Belino is the epitome of an individual who uses his talent and knowledge for the common good, and receiving the Metrobank’s 10 Most Outstanding Teachers award is a confirmation of his commitment and dedication to teaching.